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Alethos Anesti!  the true meaning of Easter

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Most apologetic questions are similar to one of the following 10 issues:   courtesy of                        Mid Atlantic Conservative Baptist Association)

1. Isn’t the Bible full of errors?
2. Is Jesus the only way to God?
3. Why do the innocent suffer?
4. The church is full of hypocrites.
5. There is nothing wrong with me. I do not need Christianity.
6. What happens to the person who never heard of Jesus Christ?
7. How can miracles be possible?
8. Isn’t the Christian experience only psychological?
9. Won’t a good moral life get me to heaven?
10. The Bible is too large and complicated.
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Barnes’ Notes on the New Testament (Albert Barnes)


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Calvin’s Commentaries – Complete

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Easton’s Bible Dictionary

Flavious Josephus

Foxes Book of Martyrs

Hitchcock’s Bible Names

Holman’s Bible Dictionary

Inductive Bible Study  Interactive Bible online Bible

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s
Notes and Outlines – Mark, Luke and John

Dr. McGee’s sermons on streaming audio, Fawcett, and Brown

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John Lightfoot’s Commentary
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Matthew Henry Commentary

Nave’s Topical Bible

Old / New Testament Greek Lexicon
The Old/New Testament Greek lexicon is based on Thayer’s and Smith’s Bible Dictionary and is keyed to the ‘Theological Dictionary of the New Testament.’

Old Testament Hebrew
The Old Testament Hebrew lexicon is derived from the Brown, Driver, Briggs, Gesenius Lexicon and is keyed to the “Theological Word Book of the Old Testament.”

Robertson’s Word Pictures of the New Testament

Scofield Reference Notes (1917 Edition)

Smith’s Bible Dictionary

Charles H. Spurgeon’s
Treasury of David

The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah by Alfred Edersheim

The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (R.A. Torrey )

Torrey’s Topical Textbook

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Vincent’s New Testament Word Studies

Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words

Wesley’s Notes on the Bible

Women of Christianity                                                              

Youngs Literal Translation


Christian Colleges

Appalachian Bible
Davis College (formerly Practical Bible College)
Lancaster Bible
Philadelphia Biblical
Word of Life Bible

Chronology of the Bible

Comfort for Believers from the Scriptures Research Institute
Cults and False Religious Practices

Cults – Dr. James Bjornstad
In 1982, EMNR was formed to become “a consortium of Christians in North America, seeking to help people distinguish authentic from in-authentic Christianity and strengthen evangelical Christian ministries to new religionists and cultists.”

Cult / Occult Research

Cults of Christianity

Voodoo You Trust?

Forgiveness  God’s Yellow Pages Tracts in other languages

“You May Be Pro Life, But Do You Have Eternal Life?” (in Arabic)

In pdf. format   “You May Be Pro Life, But Do You Have Eternal Life?”  in Spanish

The Good News (in Greek)

Links to groups that produce and distribute tracts


Ministries that can help

Trustworthy Bible Study Resources

Paul Lee Tan’s Bible Illustrations

Sermon Illustrations


“For My Muslim Friend,” an excellent contemporary tract for Muslims,
is available through Friends of Muslims, P.O. Box 6585, Wyomissing, PA
19610, or e-mail
by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
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Bible Maps

Holy Land Photos

Pictorial Library of Bible Lands
PowerPoint Bible Maps

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American Family Association

Back To The Bible
Woodrow Kroll

Baptists for Life


Campus Crusade for Christ

Center for Bio-Ethical reform of the Covered Dish

Christian Bio-ethics

Christian Helps /Gospel outreach

Concerned Women for America

CPC World On Line Help via Gateway
Free Christian On-line Greeting Cards

Free Christian Clipart

Family News In Focus

Feminists for Life

Focus on the Family

Grace to You – John MacArthur
Call 800 55-GRACE for information.

Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll

Joni & Friends
Joni Eareckson Tada

Josh McDowell Ministries

Latin Evangelical Outreach
Inner-City Evangelism Worth Finding
Adrian Rodgers

Messianic Vision
Sid Roth



New Believer Helps

New Testament Light
Spiro Zodhiates

Radio Bible Ministries

Religion Today,,PTID74088|CHID211716|CIID,00.html

The Grand Old Gospel Hour
B. Sam Hart

The Open Bible Broadcast
John Sewell

Thru the Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Truth That Transforms
Gordon Borck

Turning Point
David Jeremiah

Pacific Garden Mission

USA Radio Network News
USA Radio Network

Various Mission Agencies 

Word Of Truth
Frank McClanahan

Words To Live By
Mart De Haan

World Magazine 

Young Life 
Music – free Christian music downloads

Christian “Midi’s”

“The Choice” by Berea

Additional free music from Berea

“The Church Across the Street” words and music download

“Devotion” by the Newsboys

“The Reason” – Patricia Hunter

Music – stories behind the hymnsBy Paul Lee Tan ©Bible Communications, Inc.  Non-Profit Organizational Help   The Heidi Group – Carol Everett (Christian CPC help)

Para-Church MinistriesWeb Address
Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel (AMG) – Spiros
Answers in
Back to the Bible – Woodrow Kroll
Institute for Creation
Joni & Friends – Joni Eareckson Tada
Love Worth Finding – Adrian
Thru the Bible – J. Vernon
Truth for Life – Alistair
Word of Life

Sermons, devotionals and bible lessonsJesus Christ Saves Ministries

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Christian Educational Videos: creationism, abstinence, creation science

Informed Christian Radio Network  RealAudio of Dr. Joseph Stowell (Moody), Bev LaHaye, Chuck Colson, Chuck Swindoll, Josh McDowell, John MacArthur, and others!

Scripture videos

‘Who is Jesus?’ 22-minute video, from the Gospel of Matthew

Bible Helps  – not online

Purchase via
or other listed source

Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties (new)
Gleason L. Archer Jr.

Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties (new)
Gleason L. Archer Jr.
not on line – to order see

Interlinear NASB-NIV Parallel New Testament in Greek and English, The
By Alfred Marshall
not on line- see

101 Hymn Stories: The Inspriring True Stories Behind 101 Favorite Hymns
Kenneth W. Osbeck
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Keil-Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament
( not online) to order go to –

To order Keil-Delizsch (the best OT commentary) – 10-volumes on CD 

The Old Testament Speaks
A Complete Survey of Old Testament History and Literature
5th edition  by Samuel J. Schultz
(not online – to order see-

Theological Dictionary of the New Testament  {Gerhard Kittel}
(not online – to order see-

Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament
Gleason L. Archer, Bruce Waltke, Robert Laird Harris
(not online – to order see-

Unger’s Bible Dictionary (New)
by Merrill F. Unger and R.K. Harrison
(not online – to order see-

Wycliffe Bible Commentary
Edited By: Charles F. Pfeiffer & Everett F. Harrison
(not online – to order see-
B.          Gateway Pregnancy Center

History of Gateway

Income and Disbursements – 2003

Mission, programs, financial data, current 990 report

Missionary Data Sheet

In the News

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

Volunteer Training:

Printable page 1-

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C.          General links

(1)    ADHD: Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD)

(2)    INTERNET HOAX?  Check it out here..

(3)    Search Engines

The best and most popular search engine

Other interesting search engines:

This search engine links to 80 others:

Three good ‘reunion’ links are:

This link may also help locate people




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(5)   Get the exact WORD COUNT in your document!

D.          Life issues

ABORTION and the Bible

The unborn child and obedience to God

A look at Exodus 21

ABORTION: Chemical Methods

The “Morning-After Pill”
The “Morning-After Pill”

The danger of Cytotec (Misopristol)

So-called ‘Emergency Contraception”

Morning-after pill is not ‘contraception,’ but may cause abortion

FDA  rejects non-prescription ‘morning-after pill’
The MTX medical abortion—methotrexate + misoprostol
Chemical contraceptives can cause abortion!
Depo-Provera / Norplant
Birth Control Pills linked to breast cancer
Birth Control Pills linked to blood clots in veins

Plan B shouldn’t Be!

Abortion: Choice?? “Think About It!”   courtesy of Focus on the Family

In English

In Spanish!

Abortion Methods

Methods of Early and Late Abortions

Laminaria (used in late abortions)

Partial Birth Abortions

ABORTION: General Research / Partial Birth Abortion

Abortion Facts

Who’s having abortions? Legal facts, etc.
Voices of the early Feminists
African Americans
Fetal Tissue Research:  The faithful opposition
Body Parts: “The Body Brokers,” Orange County Register, 4/16/2000
“America’s Back Door Market for Aborted Fetal Tissue,” Asheville Tribune, 2/25/00
Partial Birth Infanticide Links and Data – Background information
Late term, numerous, and not medically necessary
Excellent article by Ruth Padawer, of the Bergen Record
Opposed by the AMA
What the nurse saw
Second and Third Trimester childkilling (graphic photos)
Abortion Nearly Four Times Deadlier Than Childbirth

Abortion and breast cancer link

Abortion & Breast Cancer Link

Women have a right to know that …

Abortion exceptions?

Abortion to save the life of the mother?

Acquaintance rapists: Some warning signs

Date rape: Some background information

Date rape: What is it? Hope for Healing

Rape, treatment and emotions

Rape and abortion

Sexual assault

Abortion linked to clinical depression

Abortions aftermath can cause infertility

1155% boost in preterm birth risk after 2 or more abortions

Abortion linked to increased suicide

Abortion -Graphic images

Use in pregnancy center ministry

Abortion Pill                              

  • Ru-486 ( Abortion pill) 

Death attributed to RU-486 (9/20/03)

ABORTION: Risks and Complications

Pre-abortion Checklist
Abortion Complications
Physical Risks of Abortion
Physical Health Risks of Abortion
Mental Health Risks of Abortion

“If you have had one or more induced  abortions, your risk of prematurity with
this  pregnancy  increases  by about 30 percent.”  (Every Pregnant
Woman’s Guide to Preventing Premature Birth, 1995, p 32).

Also see: Previous induced abortions and the risk of very preterm delivery: results of the EPIPAGE study: BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Volume 112 Issue 4 Page 430  – April 2005

Increased mortality rate

Abortion mills ignore possible sexual abuse (audio tapes)

Abortion and Women’s Health after Abortion:
The Medical and Psychological Evidence:  An Extensive NEW! study

Abortion – Sanctity of Life Sunday

Abortion statistics

  • Abortion – general statistics:

  • Abortion statistics – by state:

Abortion – Violence against women as well as children

Pregnancy and Violence against women and their babies:   3-part article in Washington Post

Abortionist needs our prayers!  Steven Chase Brigham:    2nd trimester abortionistGateway Pregnancy Center relocates near Steven Brigham

Pray for Steven Chase Brigham

“My Visit With Steven” – January 20, 2000

“They Shoot Abortionists, Don’t They?”

Steven Brigham opens new facility in Erie, Pa.

Erie, Pennsylvania Facility Does 200 Abortions in First Three Months

Clinic opens today (Sept. 19, 2003)
A doctor with an elusive identity and a checkered medical record will begin offering abortions today in downtown Erie at the newest of his 14 clinics. Read more

Woman recounts abortion at Brigham’s New Jersey clinic – Monday, Sept. 22, 2003

Abortionist With Checkered Past Opens Penn. Abortion Business

Steven Brigham opens new facility in NJ  (Catholic Spirit)

Who is Steven Brigham? ( in .pdf format)
Excellent compendium of articles  Penn. Town Rejects Settlement That Would Allow Abortion Business
Abortion provider, condo association await court ruling on access to offices
Recent jail term
Medical negligence charges by State Atty. general

Link with former partner, Eric Harrah
Timeline of important events

Also see:
(a) State of New York, Dept. of Health, State Board for Professional Medical
Conduct in the matter of Steven Brigham, M.D. 1994 – license revocation
(b) Office of the Attorney General: Tuesday, February 10, 1998
“Albany DOC Guilty in Fraud Scheme”
(c) Times Union, Albany: Sept. 17, 1996:
“Colonie cops seize 17 frozen fetuses”
(d) National Review: November 13, 1998
(e) Star Ledger (NJ): February 13, 1998Multiple abortion sites!

In Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania Allows Abortion Facility to Open in Erie

Women’s clinic sues township

Abortion provider opens new site (State College, Pa.)

Tue, Apr. 23, 2002
Court allows clinic to avoid eviction, reopen

Pa. site following the expansion of Brigham’s efforts

Timeline of Pa. activities

King of Prussia, Pa.

King of Prussia Holdup!

Supplies begin arriving at Steven C. Brigham’s pending American Women’s Services abortion facility in Erie, PA

In New York State:

Doubts raised about proposed abortion clinic
Buffalo News Northtowns Bureau 4/18/2002 

(in pdf  format)
39 excellent links!

Abortion and African Americans

Abortion in Black America: Preserving our Black Legacy

Abortions for Black Women Soar in Great Britain

African American Life Alliance

Care Net: Urban Center Development

Extensive discussion of Margaret Sanger and her link to the Nazi’s eugenic program


Funding the Eugenics Movement

LEARN:  The largest African-America evangelical, pro-life network in the US


Margaret Sanger

The Negro Project: Margaret Sanger’s Eugenic Plan for Black Americans

Planned Parenthood and the Negro Project

Racist and anti-immigrant quotes

Rev. Johnny Hunter


  The Tuskegee Syphillis “Study” : What Really Happened by – Akua Furlow

Sojourner Press is dedicated to exposing information especially critical to the survival of African Americans and to all brothers and sisters of all ethnicities and cultures. We are God’s creation, one race – the human race. We are all sojourners.

As we seek truth and live according to the Master’s plan, we will achieve true peace that passes all understanding. This is a peace that no man can take away. This higher consciousness causes one to love all mankind, to seek justice and to express truth in our everyday life.

Deuteronomy: I have set before you blessings and cursings. Choose life so that you and your seed will be blessed.

FOUNDER: Sojourner Press was founded in 2002 by Akua Furlow, an African American researcher, sociologist, wife and mother of seven children who was determined to bring the truth about population control, euthanasia, genetic discrimination, and other medical ethics issues to the forefront of the African American community.


Video:  “Tales of Abortion”



Bethany Christian Services – National

Bethany Christian Services – New Jersey

National Council for Adoption

Infant Adoption Awareness


Audio and Video links

Bio Ethical Issues

Bioethical issues / graphic videos?

Single Parenting
10 Most Asked Q’s on Adoption
Language, Myths, Organizations, Inter-Racial Adoption
Adoption Agencies Throughout USA

Christian, Conservative and / or  Pro-Life Websites

American Life League. One of the two best pro-life sites on the Web. Very extensive. Excellent ‘eugenics’ link.

Stands for ‘Best of the Christian Web’. Excellent links, especially to the fairly new “Christian Go Search” engine. <atarget=”_top” target=”_blank” href=””></atarget=”_top”&gt;

Debating? Preparing a paper? Excellent, intellectually stimulating. Well documented. Facts Sheets, including key quotes, sources, players, and Bible verses. Discussions on moral relativism and critical thinking.

Family Research Council. Extensive position paper on marriage and the family. Extensive conservative viewpoint links. (also see the link to Townhall).

Website of Gateway Pregnancy Center, Irvington, NJ. Biblical view of abortion, contraceptive failure (documented), healing from abortion, evangelical outreach, LEARN information, Margaret Sanger papers researched by Akua Furlow, chastity and the Scriptures, dangers of abortion.

Heartbeat International (Interdenominational Christian Association of Life-Affirming Education and Pregnancy Help Service Providers). Step by step procedures on starting a pro-life pregnancy center. National conferences, affiliates.

Without doubt, the most extensive pro-life website. Very extensive, well-documented, information on Planned Parenthood, population control, and Margaret Sanger. A ‘must link’.

Loving & Caring, Inc.
Loving and Caring, Inc. is a life-affirming ministry lending its support, experience and expertise to a myriad of national and international life-affirming ministries by providing resources, training and restoration. Their greatest desire is to inform and train these ministries, offering them spiritual and physical refreshment and renewed hope.

<atarget=”_top” target=”_TOP” href=””&gt;</atarget=”_top”>

<atarget=”_top” target=”_blank” href=””>Ohio Right to Life. Excellent articles on abortion and race.

Contains CPC’s on-line, fact sheets, the Ultimate Pro-life Resource List (massive), and the Black Woman’s Voice.

Michigan Right to Life. Excellent links.

Position papers on chastity, Planned Parenthood, welfare, partial birth abortions, African-Americans and abortion, and numerous links, esp. The Washington Times. (See also the link to Family Research Council).


Natural Family Planning

Barrier methods: Condoms   Birth control and Christians   Chlamydia   Condoms and the HPV   Condoms and Nonoxynal – 9   Dangers of the birth control pill   Dangers of The Patch   The pill, the shot and Preven (so-called EC)
Risks of birth control
Sexually transmitted diseases

Pill linked to cervical cancerDepo Provera linked to increase in STD’s

CRISIS PREGNANCY OUTREACH   Care Net, an evangelical network of some 450 crisis pregnancy centers throughout the United States. Excellent resources for counseling, as well as operating a local CPC.

Comprehensive listings of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, online pregnancy test, memorials for the unborn, and online referrals to a live counselor around the world.

CPC statistical program available from


Home Birth – Midwives
Morning Sickness
Staying Healthy
Fears Pregnant Women May Have
Pre-Natal  Testing
Pregnancy and HIV
Alcohol and Pregnancy
Drug Use and Pregnancy
Radiation and Pregnancy

Use of Anti-Depressants


Videos of the unborn baby!
Pregnancy symptoms
Fetal Heartbeat and Doppler
Human Embryology
Reproduction Explained
When does Life begin?
Fetal Development – 1st Trimester
Fetal Development – 2nd Trimester
Fetal Development – 3rd Trimester

Excellent links on “Life Before Birth” from

Fetal Development Literature: Medically Accurate

Sharing the gospel . Clear and simple


Florence Christian Home, Wayne, NJ

Good Counsel Homes / Hoboken, NJ


  • The Legal Center for the Defense of Life

           Executive Director – Richard Collier, Esq.

Background information and Board of Trustees

Legal Center for the Defense of Life Article (Fall, 2001), featuring Dean



Father’s Rights
Post-abortion and Men: Survey
Domestic Violence

Intimate Partner violence (May 2000)

Young Girls, Older Partners Leads to High STD Risk

How to be a good dad

Men and Abortion:  the best web links

Taboo Grief: Men and Abortion

Pro-life point of view resources

The National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing, Inc symptoms of abortion’s aftermath / hope and healing

Talking with your partner – from the UK

Recommended  (downloadable) Christian pamphlet: the Biblical view

Recommended book by an expert

Forgotten Fathers (from a Life Cycle book)

Men and Abortion, Grief and Healing  by  Christian researcher Wayne F. Brauning, M. Div., D. Min.

The following is an article by a non-believer  and is pro-abortion, but wrote the definitive book Men and Abortion: Lessons, Loves, and Losses.

Men Whose Girlfriends or Wives Have Had Abortions:
Testimonials by Steve Arterburn

Steve Arterburns personal testimony:
Abortion Hurts Men Too

Post abortion healing: Male and female

Post abortion Research; Elliot Institute / Dr. David Reardon

Post-Abortion Survey Result


Five-fold increase in alcohol abuse; March 13, 2000 Dr

Drug, Alcohol Abuse Higher Following Abortion, New Study Shows

Older men – sexual predators

Project Grace – Men and abortion
(Testimonies: music and video)

Consequences of abortion: research (extensive)

Dr. Arthur Shostak’s studies (in a nutshell)

Men Hurt Too ( pro-life pamphlet )

Abortion and Child abuse: links to studies


Grieving miscarriage

Music Downloads -Free!

Berea – Children in Glory


Pregnancy Center of Warren County
Hackettstown, NJ.

Good Counsel House
Hoboken, NJ.

Alpha Pregnancy Care Center — Latham
Latham, NY.

ABBA Pregnancy Center
Medford, NJ.

ABBA Pregnancy Center
Palmyra, NJ.

Choice One Lawrenceville, NJ  08648  First Choice Women’s Resource CenterJersey City, Montclair, MorristownSolutions Pregnancy and Health Center (formerly, Helping Hand Pregnancy Center)
Shrewsbury, NJ.

Life Choices
Phillipsburg, NJ.

Rose Garden Home
Rahway, NJ.

The Open Door Pregnancy Centers
Toms River, NJ.

NJ Health Web Links to pro-life centers

New Jersey Prolife Ob / Gyns



The Inherent Racism of Population Control: 58 pages in pdf.


Post abortion Research; Elliot Institute / Dr. David Reardon
Post-Abortion Survey Result
Physical and Emotional Concerns; Studies, Reardon, Open Arms, etc.
Five-fold increase in alcohol abuse; March 13, 2000
When The Pain Won’t Go Away:  Dealing With The Aftereffects Of Abortion
Press Release: Complications of Delivery Linked to Prior Abortion: New Study

Post Abortion Q and A

Post abortion pain

  Post abortion pain in Japan

Easing the pain through note writing?

True forgiveness!

Accepting true forgiveness


American Life League

Feminists for Life

Genocide Awareness Project  (Center for Bio Ethical Reform)  Gregg Cunningham

Pregnancy Help Centers Listed
Pro-life links nationally

Right to Die?



Abstinence and Chastity Challenge

Aabstinence Clearing House

Abstinence Resources

A research-based, medical learning model motivating students through relationship education, refusal-skill coaching, character education, and parent-teen interviews

Abstinence? Answering the tough questions about abstinence education

Divorce and the Bible

Living A Pure Life: Purity
Living Together
Living Together

Living vibrant lives of purity (Pure Freedom)

Many Teens are Saying “NO!”

Masturbation: Don’t Let It Master You!

Masturbation: Is it Wrong?Yes!

Medical Institute for Sexual Health

Parents, Grandparents, Mentors and Guardians: Guiding your kids through the hard choices

Responses to pressure lines

Roots of the Problem – Sexual Chaos

Scripture dealing with ‘Temptation’

Sexuality, sexual addictions, homosexuality

Sex and the Single Woman – Why Wait?
Teen Sexuality: Fact Page

Teen Sex Linked To Depression

Teens and Abortion (helps, stories, etc.)

True Love Waits – campus groups

The Best Chastity Resources!

Stem Cell Research

Website                                                    Resources available                                                    ‘stem cell / cloning”                                                           ‘stem cells’ or “adult stem cells”                                                 cord blood information                                            cord blood information            embryo adoption program                                                                    stem cells                               embronic stem cell research


The Heidi Group helps CPC’S: Banquets, Walk-a-thons, etc


3-D Ultrasounds

Graphic video of an abortion

New Ultrasounds Show Unborn Children Doing Amazing Things

Scans uncover secrets of the womb (BBC)

Video of an abortion: ‘The Harder Truth”  –  Graphic

Videos of the unborn baby!

“At Gateway, our volunteers have shown the Harder Truth hundreds of times over the past few years and the Lord has saved dozens of babies lives as a result. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t see an abortion minded man or woman have their heart radically changed on the spot through this God given tool. We encourage anyone who really desires to allow the Lord to dramatically speak to a needy heart to buy many copies, give many away and personally use this powerful tool in the counseling of pregnant women considering abortion.”

Harder Truth Video (front cover)                             Harder Truth Video (backcover)

Videos used at Gateway

World’s Smallest Baby – 8.6 ounces!


General links

(1)   ADHD: Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD)

(2)    Court system:

(3) Cerebral Palsy Support Page 

(4) Learn more about birth injuries

(5)INTERNET HOAX?  Check it out here..

(6)    Search Engines

The best and most popular search engine

Other interesting search engines:

This search engine links to 80 others:

Three good ‘reunion’ links are:

This link may also help locate people




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