How can I help?

How to Help the Gospel Ministry of Gateway

Gateway Pregnancy Center of Channel 34 (Union, NJ)

Please contact Rev. Dean Gavaris, Director of Gateway Pregnancy Centers for additional details.


Telephone: (908) 436-7515

Mailing Address: PO Box 1793, Union, New Jersey 07083

1. Praying!
a) Prayer Needs for the Centers:

• Wisdom
• Unity of Purpose
• Financial Support
• Board of Directors
• Volunteer Staff

2.  Donate to the ministry  Featured image

3. Having a Baby Shower for Gateway

a) Who benefits?

• Gateway Pregnancy Centers
• The women we serve
• The ladies who attend

b) How do they benefit?

• They get to hear about the ministry
• They are encouraged to do something tangible for the women Gateway serves
• They realize the importance of one person in ‘doing ministry’

c) When is the best date and time?

• You choose – it depends on the availability of your church group

d) Who to invite?

• All ladies in the church – teens included!

e) Should the gifts be wrapped?

• It’s easier for us at Gateway if they were not wrapped, but some have pre-wrapped them and opened them at the shower

f) Should you invite a speaker from Gateway?

• Absolutely! We’ve attended many showers and it’s fun for all.

g) What are good gift ideas?

• Baby wipes
• Diaper rash cream
• Tee shirts and baby sleepers (sizes up to 18 months)
• Baby bath towels, wash cloths
• Crib sheets, blankets, comforter sets
• Bibs, Receiving blankets
• Bottles
• Baby shampoo
• Small diaper bags
• Baby monitor
• Diapers
• Teething rings
• Infant car seats
• Porta-cribs
• Cribs with or without a crib mattress

h) What items should be avoided?

• Used items
• Baby furniture other than what’s listed above
• Toys
• Baby shoes

i) What happens during a typical Gateway Baby Shower?

• Open in prayer and a word of Scripture
• Grab food or snacks
• Open gifts
• Hear from the Gateway speaker – about 10 minutes on how these gifts make a difference in real lives
• Present the gifts
• The Gateway representative or a Gateway volunteer associated with your church can bring the gifts to our Irvington location, where they are stored prior to distribution.

4. Host a volunteer training seminar at your church!

a) A study revealed that 70% of evangelical pastors feel that the crisis pregnancy center is the best approach to ending the abortion holocaust, but only 30% of these pastors have ever supported such a center. This is your great opportunity!

b) What does it take to train volunteers?

• training material (notebook, brochures, videos, guest speakers)
• the trainer
• 18 hours of Biblically sound training
• You Supply:
• a minimum of 6 trainees
• $25 fee per trainee ($35 per married couple)
• one large room, comfortable for 10 people, with
• tables, chairs, and a chalkboard
• We supply:
• the trainer
• the training material
• 18 hours of Biblically sound training
• Web Link to Gateway’s Volunteer Training Brochure

5. Take the Gateway Volunteer Training Course! (mentioned in point 3, above) email

5. Fundraising

Host a “Support-Raising” coffee!

• Coffee and cookies are served.
• Our director will share briefly (10-minutes) about the ministry, and answer questions.
• A challenge for involvement is given, including role -playing, counseling techniques, and source documentation.
• For the gathering, one large room, comfortable for 10 people, with tables, chairs, and a chalkboard, would be needed.
• Members excited about doing Gods work, with tangible local ways to get involved!
• Peer-counseling training, which will benefit the whole church!
• On-site involves more who may otherwise not travel to Gateway!
• A few days later, our director contacts each guest, and asks if they wish to become personally/financially involved.
• No pressure, just an invitation given. The more that attend, the greater the opportunity for “friend-raising.”

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