Pregnant? Unsure? Need Help?

Gateway Pregnancy Centers

You’re not Alone
We’ll be there as long as you need us.
We care about you!

You are a worthy person who deserves the facts prior to a decision that may affect you for the rest of your life.

We desire to assist you with all of the support available to you as you bring a special life into the world.

We are non-profit, therefore our desire to share the truth with you doesn’t depend upon money.

How to reach Gateway Pregnancy Centers:

Elizabeth Office

Irvington Office

Serving Communities Since 1985
All our services are free and confidential

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Gateway is NOT a medical facility but a Christian ministry for all people. We offer free services using a non-judgmental approach because we understand that you are a worthy person, made in His image and deserve nothing but the truth.


Why Gateway Pregnancy Centers?

  • We want you to have the facts about all of your options.  Our free services will aid you in making an informed decision.
  • Our free pregnancy tests have immediate results, and are 99%-100% accurate.
  • We offer counseling.  Our women are trained peer counselors who truly care about your physical and emotional well-being.  Since our services are free, we have no financial motive as we offer you the truth.
  • We provide counseling for men, express bottled-up feelings and discuss the great responsibility they have in an unplanned pregnancy.  Note: Post-abortive regret affects 75% of all men involved.
  • We have confidential post-abortion counseling for women who have experienced the trauma of a post abortion.

Note: 85% of all women who have one abortion have regret, 25%-30% become permanently infertile.

Our Free Services:

  • Prenatal educational information  Check out this video!
  • Free baby clothes, baby furniture
  • Non-invasive sonograms
  • Referrals for WIC, Health-start, emergency housing, legal help
  • Information and encouragement
  • Spiritual guidance and support

Trying to reach Gatewave is a reading service for the blind and reading impaired.

Trying to reach GaitWay provides Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) to children and adults of the special needs community.

Gateway Pregnancy Center Inc.

Mailing Address: PO Box 1793, Union, New Jersey 07083


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